“Striving for Excellence in Music Education”


The Ann Sobrato High School Music Association


The purpose of the Music Association shall be to lend all possible support, both

moral and financial to the entire Ann Sobrato High School Music Program.



The Program’s Future

For the 2005-2006 School year, there will be many additions to the current music program and will have more than 80 students enrolled.  We will be offering the following ensembles:


Marching Band:  This will be the inaugural year of the Sobrato Swing Marching Band!  (A non-competitive show band)


Concert Band:  This band will start after marching season and will concentrate on concert style music.


Jazz Ensemble:  This group will be an extra-curricular “Big Band.”  It will perform at school and community events.


Pep Band:  This will be an extra-curricular off-shoot of the marching band.  It will perform at basketball games.


Pit Orchestra:  This will be the first joint effort between the drama and music departments with our first full-scale musical!


Choir:  In its first year of existence the Choir will develop vocal technique and perform from a diverse musical repertoire.



What You Can Do

Due to budget cuts, district growth, and government reform, music programs have taken a considerable hit.  In order for this program to be successful, we need financial and community support.  We need funding for:


Uniforms:  As the marching band grows, we need to purchase additional uniforms.  We currently have a need for 20 more uniforms at $300 a piece ($6,000 total).


Instruments:  The school was extremely generous by giving us a start up stock of musical instruments.  This stock is perfect for a band of 35-40.  Now that we are doubling in size, we need to make an instrument purchase for approximately $15,000 worth of instruments.


Music:  Being a new school and program, we do not have the luxury of having a large music library that has accumulated over the course of many years.  Therefore for students to have a variety of music to play, we need to make on-going music purchases.  These purchases will amount to $2,000 per year.


Transportation:  Being a marching band and pep band has an undeniable duty to support our schools athletic teams.  Bussing to and from away games has gotten extremely expensive because of budget cuts and raising gas prices.  To fulfill our duty we need $10,000 to set aside for transportation.


Please see below as how you can help!


What We Can Do For You!

As a non-profit and publicly visible organization we have a variety of benefits and membership opportunities that we can offer to our supporters:



GENERAL MEMBER   $1 - $149 Donation

v     Voting Member of ASHSMA.

v     Added to mailing list.



BENEFACTOR    $150 - $499 Donation

v     All benefits above.

v     Name Recognized on concert programs.



BRONZE BENEFACTOR   $500 - $999 Donation

v     All benefits above.

v     Name included on concert posters.

v     Reserved parking space at concerts.

v     Reserved orchestra level seating at concerts.



SILVER BENEFACTOR   $1,000 - $1,999 Donation

v     All benefits above.

v     Name recognized at football games.



GOLD SPONSOR   $2,000 - $5,999 Donation

v     All benefits above.

v     Name included on all advertisements, press releases, and public statements.



PLATINUM SPONSOR   $6,000+ Donation

v     All benefits above.

v     Name included on all correspondence.

v     Special thanks at all performances.

v     Principal Chair named after you.


All donations to a non-profit organization are tax-deductible.

(Tax ID No. 20-1928886)


Contact Information:

Erik Kalish, Music Director

Phone:  (408) 201-6200 x2230

Fax:      (408) 465-2467

E-mail:  ekalish@mhu.k12.ca.us


401 Burnett Avenue

Morgan Hill, CA  95037